Introducing The Learn[ed]Leadership Podcast

Introducing The Learn[ed]Leadership Podcast
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It’s that time of year again, Spring Break!  For my international teacher friends this means trips to Bangkok or some other far flung low-cost destination.  Living in Hawaii I am blessed with a number of beautiful locations to celebrate a little time off.  Whenever a wonderful holiday break comes in the year, I’m remind of something an inspiring educators once told me when I asked how he kept balanced.  He said,

“I think balance is bullsh*t. If you think that anyone ever achieved anything great by living a balanced life, I think you’re living a dream…When you’re passionate about something, your life is not in balance, you achieve greatness when your life is not in balance..[But since it’s not sustainable] at a certain point in time you have to…recharge your batteries…and this is why our school holidays are so important. We’ve got students and teachers working at 100% all the time, and I want them to be doing that…with the understanding that when those holidays come around you take them, change gears, spend time with your family, and restore those energy levels.”

I’ve learned by now that rest isn’t always laying around in the sun.  Sometimes it’s doing something you’ve never done before or learning a new skill.  So with that said I’m pleased to announce my latest tinker, The Learn[ed]Leadership Podcast.  I know that we don’t always want to take the time to read through somebody else’s blog thoughts, especially when there are dishes to be done, homework to grade, etc.  Also I’ve found through some of my interviews that somethings are better said than written.  So take a few minutes to listen to the first edition of The Learn[ed]Leadership Podacast.  The topic?

What can the education world learn from tech start ups?

I hope to add a podcast every few weeks or so in addition to continuing to write from time to time.  Please take a second and send some constructive feedback.

**The featured photo in this blog was taken in Bhutan by Patrick Love.  Check out more of his amazing work at

Author: Andy Aldrich

Andy is a founder of Learn[ed]Leadership as well as a school administrator at Punahou School in Honolulu, HI. In addition to pontificating on ideas in education, Andy stays busy chasing after his daughter and impressing his wife with his big muscles.

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  1. Haven’t listened yet, but LOVE the idea of podcasts for the very reason you mentioned… Multi-tasking! Great idea!

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