What does great leadership look like in our endlessly diverse and complicated world?  How do we improve and grow together as leaders?


How do we maximize what and how we learn today?  If content is less important, how should schools and communities transform?


In what ways might entrepreneurship transform schools and how can we develop more entrepreneurial students, parents, and communities?

How We Got Started

The idea of Learn[ed]Leadership came to me on a cold winter’s day back in 2012, while visiting blustery Minnesota over Christmas break.

As a budding school administrator, the idea was if somehow I could meet important leaders in international education, then when it came time to look for a job I’d have all these great connections.

With this selfish idea in mind I started The Leadership Project–a series of interviews of international school leaders.  OK, the truth is out, but I should say that the initial motivation to connect with other leaders simply for employment gain quickly slipped away by the 3rd or 4th interview and was replaced by an addiction to learning from such smart and talented people.  Since then Learn[ed]Leadership has become home to my rambling and ideas.

Flash forward to today, inspired by my original intentions (well almost original) to learn from others, Learn[ed]Leadership has been redeveloped to connect learners from around the world and provide a place for great ideas, articles, videos, and most importantly your blogs to be shared with a greater audience.  I’ll still write here too, but more importantly Learn[ed]Leadership is a place for your ideas to take off.

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Andy Aldrich

Andy Aldrich


Who Got This Party Started?

Originally from Minnesota, I studied to be a social studies teacher.  After some time pondering why anyone would think I’m qualified enough to be given tenure, and realizing the world is too interesting to stay in the same place forever, my wife and I (and now our daughter) moved to the Philippines to work in international education.  Today, I’ve shifted back to the US (well kind of) to learn as an administrator and school leader at Punahou School in Honolulu, HI (hence the kind of).


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