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Divi WordPress Theme

Divi:  Our Snazzy WordPress Theme

So if you’ve ever wondered how Learn[ed]Leadership was designed then look no further.  I wouldn’t describe myself at tech-illiterate but the people over at Elegant Themes have gone above and beyond to make their themes easy for almost anyone to use.  I use the Divi theme, because it’s awesome, but they have tons of themes to choose from, including a bunch of free themes.  They also keep things updated and generate a daily bog full of extra tips and ideas for your blog.

Bluehost:  Our Host

There are plenty of wordpress hosting sites out there.  We chose Bluehost because or others recommendations. However, since we’ve started Learn[ed]Leadership Bluehost has confirmed that they make a good product.  I’ll add some other thoughts here too eventually, but right now I’m not sure what else to right.

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