Learn[ED]Voices Sneak Peak: 5 Ways To Get Things Done

Learn[ED]Voices Sneak Peak: 5 Ways To Get Things Done
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In our latest installment of Learn[ED]Voices, we take a small step away from traditional education as we hear from Tim Adair, an American entrepreneur that has many insights to share about harnessing the momentum of an inquiry mind.

Here’s a sneak peak:

“I want so much more out of my daily life, can you relate?  So much opportunity to grow, build, and help people that it can become overwhelming at times when trying to figure out where to start.  Still, I’ve found that sometimes figuring out where to start can be what’s most exciting and it allows me to take part in new opportunities that I would have otherwise never have been able to experience.” 

Tim Adair is American Entrepreneur and our second guest blogger in our Learn[ED]Voices series.  If you want an extended preview on Tim’s insights, checkout What Schools Can Learn from Tech Startups a Podcast he and I did together a year back.  Also to make sure you don’t miss out on his latest guest blog as well as all the coming guest blogs sign up for our free Learn[ED]Leadership Monthly (or so) Newsletter, it’s the best free thing you’ll get all week.  Or get instant updates by liking our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.



Author: Andy Aldrich

Andy is a founder of Learn[ed]Leadership as well as a school administrator at Punahou School in Honolulu, HI. In addition to pontificating on ideas in education, Andy stays busy chasing after his daughter and impressing his wife with his big muscles.

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